Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How can I keep doing this?

(11/3/14) Today in Calculus, we were reviewing average rates of change. (You know, the slope equation you learned in your first algebra class.) Most of the problems had fractions (the horror!), and my students had a lot of trouble arriving at the correct slope value. As we check problem after problem, I ended up constantly repeating, "What are your y-values? How did you set up the average slope formula? What did your numerator and denominator simplify to?" Finally, the girl sitting nearest to me leaned way back in her chair and exclaimed, "How can you keep doing this, Mrs. Hamilton? If I had to keep asking these questions..."

It warms my heart that they recognize some of what this job takes and sympathize with me. That's how I can keep coming back to this school year after year.